Today’s commute: Sunrises, gas prices and tacos

A lovely sunrise at the Kaukiki Farm in Longbranch, Wash., yesterday. Unfortuantely, we will see mostly rain for the next couple of days.

It’s a wet and drizzly Tuesday with State Route 16 a little on the slow side as you approach the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Otherwise, no accidents or major backups on the Key Peninsula Highway.

lulu's 021213
Lulu’s Homeport in Home, Wash.

The other good thing about today is that it is Taco Tuesday at Lulu’s Homeport in Home, Wash. This weekly fiesta features Mexican fare from tacos with rice and beans starting at $1.50 — a great bargain if you ask me. If Mexican food is not your style, Lulu’s serves their chicken wings and fried chicken all day. For to-go orders, call 253-884-3743.

Today’s gas prices on the Key Peninsula Highway have not changed from yesterday. The Home, Wash., Shell station is selling their fuel for $3.75/gallon, the 134th Avenue Shell has their gas at $3.69/gallon, the Wauna, Wash., Chevron has their gasoline at $3.65/gallon while the Union 76 has the cheapest gas at $3.59/gallon.

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