Sweating effortlessly ‘Cuz it’s too darn hot’

Sunrise over mayo Cove in Longbranch, Wash., Friday, aug. 19, 2016.
It was chill 68 degrees on May Cove at sunrise this morning..
morning birds
A trio of seagulls enjoying the chill air by the light of the Herron Island Ferry.

Half past noon and the mercury in Longbranch is flirting with 90 degrees.

My sweat is flowing effortlessly. The goofy golden doodle and the handsome porti are finding the cool, shady corners of the house.

As Ella Fitzgerald croons: “It’s too darn hot.” As much as “I’d like to coo with my baby tonight,” I’m looking inside the icebox for a cool one right now.

It really is warm out there.

According to the National Weather Service an excessive heat warning is in effect with temperatures expected to climb into the 90s, and triple digit readings for the interior. Thankfully it will cool down overnight into the 50s and 60s. By tomorrow, the heat will start to dissipate, and we should see much cooler temperatures by Sunday.

Stay chill Longbranch.

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