Another Baby Step to Coming Home by El Primero

The El Primero took another baby step to being permanently moored on the Tacoma waterfront.

Another baby step was taken by the historic yacht El Primero towards being a permanent attraction on the Tacoma waterfront.

The 121-year-old vessel has been deemed a U.S.-built boat after an inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard last week, according to Richard Hildahl.

“There is no need to obtain a congressional bill to secure readmission,” said Hildahl, who is leading the effort to bring the yacht back to the South Sound.

The yacht can now carry up to 12 passengers on charters, Hildahl said. She will need to pass a dry dock inspection in order for her to ferry more passengers.

Hildahl’s idea has always been to get the yacht to ferry passengers on charter cruises and help pay for its restoration and maintenance.

Having dock parties fall under different regulations.

“The El Primero will likely submit a document to the Coast Guard requesting approval for a capacity of up to 50 individuals for dock events,” Hildahl said. “We expect an approval in that regard soon.”

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