Photos of Longbranch


barred owl#4 070814
Ozzie, a barred owl, on a Douglas fir branch in Longbranch.
The total lunar eclipse of the blood moon began at 6:40 p.m. Sept. 27, 2015, and lasted 1 hour and 11 minutes.
heron sunrise 112115
A blue heron lands on a dock on a chilly Filucy Bay Saturday. More sun and cold temperatures are coming later in the week.
filucy bay sunshine 112115
Frost on a dock at the Longbranch Marina sparkle in the morning sun on a chilly Filucy Bay Saturday.
beaver moon 1
The beaver moon on its final descent behind the Olympics mountain range and Harstine Island.
beaver moon 3
A full beaver moon over Case Inlet Thursday Nov. 26, 2015. It is a chilly Thanksgiving Day morning with temperatures in the 30s and sunny.
Monday morning’s sunrise turned the sky over Mount Rainier red before the rain and wind came through the South Sound.
Longbranch sunrise
The sun could be seen rising over McNeil Island from a bank along Drayton’s Passage in Longbranch, Washington, Saturday July 18, 2015. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for the southwest interior of western Washington and the Puget Sound metropolitan area, including Everett, Seattle and Tacoma. The heat advisory was prompted by the forecast of hot weather and high humidity that could be a health hazard. The advisory will be in effect starting noon today (Saturday July 18) until 9 p.m. Sunday (July 19). Temperatures over the weekend will be in the high 80s, according to the weather service.
Longbranch bee 2
A bumble bee in search of sweet nectar in a forest of blooms in Longbranch, Washington, Aug. 9, 2015.
Longbranch hummy 3
A hummingbird feeds on a basket of petunias in Longbranch, Washington, Sunday July 19, 2015.
Longbranch loggers
A logging operation in Longbranch, Washington, early Wednesday Oct. 21, 2015, underway in a thick fog long before sunrise.
Longbranch moon eclipse
The Blood Moon Sunday Sept. 27, 2015. This was also a Super Moon and a total lunar eclipse seen from Longbranch, Washington.
Ducks on a rainy day in Longbranch, Washington, Saturday March 21, 2015.
Ducks in a pond in Longbranch.
Longbranch drayton winter
A skiff slices down a glassy Drayton Passage in December 2014.
Longbranch mayo sunrise
Boats on a hook on Mayo Cove at sunrise in Lakebay, Washington, Saturday Aug. 1, 2015.
A floatplane flies over Longbranch, Washington, Sunday Aug. 6, 2016.
A floatplane flies over our homestead on a summer afternoon.
A Puget Sound sunrise Sept. 11, 2012, with McNeil, Eagle and Anderson islands in the foreground. A tugboat from Olympia makes its way up Drayton’s Passage towards Tacoma, Wash.
The first sunrise of 2013 viewed from the Longbranch Marina.
Maddee in the backyard after the winter storm of 2010.
lb marina 070512
A beautiful morning at the Longbranch Marina July 5, 2012.
The changing colors of autumn seen along Lorenz Road in Lakebay, Wash., Jan. 27, 2012.
A chilly 28 degrees on the Key Peninsula on an otherwise sunny and dry day Jan. 14, 2013.
A sailboat inside Filucy Bay Sept. 16, 2012.
Snow falling on a pond in Longbranch, Wash., Dec. 18, 2012.
sunrise 091309
Smoke from wildfires in Eastern Washington turn the sky around Tacoma red at sunrise on Sept. 13, 2012.
sailing away
A sailboat makes its way up Drayton’s Passage in the Summer of 2011.
mountain trees
A lone sailor steaming toward home, wherever home may be, as the sun sets on Drayton’s Passage near Longbranch, Wash., July 10, 2011.
morning fog tug 071612
Summer fog blankets Drayton’s Passage July 16, 2012.
anderson island 102812
Autumn leaves on Anderson Island seen from Longbranch, Wash., Oct. 28, 2012.
010113 rainier#2
A winter mountain on the first day of 2013.
moonrise 070312
The moon rising over Anderson Island July 3, 2012.
moon rise080309
A moon rise over Anderson Island with a sailboat on Drayton’s Passage Aug. 3, 2009.
marina sunrise 032312
Spring is on its way. A sunrise over the Longbranch Marina March 23, 2012.
little frog 081012
Our little friend striking a pose on the wall of our house Aug. 10, 2012.
goslings 051912
The latest brood of goslings spreading their wings at a pond in Longbranch, Wash., May 19, 2012.
foggy bank 063012
A foggy bank on McNeil Island June 30, 2012.
fire pit
Maddee and I enjoying a fire in our backyard fire pit July 22, 2011.
fawn 083012
A fuzzy fawn on my drive home Aug. 30, 2012.
eagle 062412
We have several bald eagles nesting near our bank. This adult dropped in on a branch on our bank June 24, 2012.
sunrise chairs 122709
Rainier’s shadow can be seen from our deck in Longbranch, Wash., Dec. 27, 2009.
sunrise chairs 092609
These are probably the most photographed pair of chairs on the Key Peninsula. A sunrise Aug. 26, 2009.
Winter chairs012012
Our chairs after a winter storm Jan. 20, 2012.
waiting for the sun071411
Rainbows are a lovely sight on our bank. This photograph was taken July 14, 2011.
drayton sail 061212
A lovely and common occurrence on our bank: sailboats on Drayton’s Passage. June 12, 2012.
This was definitely a commute-stopping sunrise in Longbranch, Wash., Dec. 9, 2009. It was a very cold morning at 19 degrees with mist rising from the water.


16 thoughts on “Photos of Longbranch

  1. How you see Longbranch is very much the way I see it too. We bought our property across the road and up the hill from the marina in 1990 and moved out here in ’95. Everyone deserves this kind of peace and connection to nature.

  2. David captured that Dec 27th Rainier shadow sunrise. what a great morning. The first year we were out here, I took a sunrise photo on the 21 (or as close to) of every month–just to track the movement along the horizon.

      1. David, your photos are breathtakingly beautiful. My husband and I see exactly what you see from your home. So – are we neighbors and we don’t even know?
        Marlies Van Cise, Longbranch

  3. Oh My Oh My!!! David, your photos are gorgeous. You are so very talented at capturing our piece of Heaven out here on the Key Peninsula. Roy & I enjoyed meeting you & your wife on the McNeil cruise.

  4. David, these photos are unreal. Absolutely breathtaking. Are you north of Camp Soundview? Our property is between the camp and Longbranch Shores so I look a bit more south. A calendar of Longbranch with your photos would be a big seller I bet. Looking forward to more of your work…

    1. Hello Becky: We are a couple of parcels north of the camp. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. My wife and I absolutely love living out here. A friend on Filucy Bay loves to say that we live in a photographer’s paradise. “Just point your camera anywhere and you will snap a great picture,” he loves to quip. Most days, I would tend to agree. We are blessed to live right in the middle of a visual buffet. Thank you for reading my blog. Cheers. David

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