A Sturgeon Moon rising minus the fish

moon 2
A full Sturgeon Moon rising over the Cascades with a cabin on Filucy Bay in Longbranch, Wash., in the foreground.
moonset 2
The moon setting over Herron Island from the western bank of the Key Peninsula was a fitting bookend to Wednesday evening’s spectacle.

It would have been nice to have the fish to go with its namesake full moon: the Full Sturgeon Moon.

Alas, I had to settle for good conversation with a couple visiting Longbranch and Fiucy Bay for the first time.

Curt and Sue Conlee, of Vancouver, Wash., were sitting in their 30-foot Catalina when I lumbered down a dock at the Longbranch Marina.

“Hello there, that is some kind of lens,” Curt calls out, as I set down my camera with the 400mm lens.

“What are you shooting?,” Sue asks.

The moon, of course.

I have been waiting for the August full moon for a couple of weeks, knowing it would rise while I was on holiday. It is called the Sturgeon Moon by the Native Americans of the Great Lakes because August is when the sturgeons are most likely to bite, according to space.com.

The Conlees were in town on their first sail to the Key Peninsula in their sloop. They said they bought the boat this past October on Vashon Island. She is moored in Tacoma ready for them to explore the South Sound.

“We had a boat in Portland,” Sue said. “After 20 years of going from point A to point B on the Columbia, it got a little boring.”

Compare that to sailing through the Tacoma Narrows “which can get really interesting,” Curt chimes in.

“Now we go from point A, B, C… all the way to Z,” Sue said with a laugh.

Good morning Longbranch.

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mon 1.2
A full moon rising over the Cascades and Mount Rainier seen from the Longbranch Marina.
moon 5
Wednesday night’s moon rising dramatically over a Longbranch ridge.

2 thoughts on “A Sturgeon Moon rising minus the fish

  1. David, we are famous now!!! Enjoyed your pics and article “Sturgeon Moon Rising Minus the Fish”!!! We enjoyed our stay in Longbranch and it was much more interesting with our meeting you and learning about the area. Sue and Curt

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