Breezy Longbranch summer sailing show

drayton sail 1
A sailor on an emerald-hulled sloop dropping his jib on Drayton Passage.
drayton sail 2
The sloop slices through the water as an early-evening sun lights its sails.

The graceful dance of a sailor at the end of a journey can be quite a performance as he drops the jib and then the mainsail, guiding a sloop into harbor.

On a warm breezy evening on Drayton Passage, it is quite the show.

From my deck on a lazy summer day: It is the only show.

But what a way to start our Longbranch staycation.

My Lovely Bride and I are on holiday for the next two weeks, as we are apt to do each August. We have adhered to this summer tradition for as long we have lived on the Key Peninsula.

We used to plan trips out-of-state. Get on a plane, boat or the car and head somewhere else.

Not anymore.

“This is the life,” said my Lovely Bride, sitting next to me with a sweating pint-glass of Guinness in hand and the growing shadows of early evening mottled on the the deck. “I am on vacation.”

Yes you are my love.


Good morning Longbranch.

sail_through the trees
The emerald-hulled sloop put on a show for my Lovely Bride and I as we sat on our deck enjoying a beautiful breezy summer evening in Longbranch.

One thought on “Breezy Longbranch summer sailing show

  1. Hi David, seems that we are neighbors! Sorta-kinda. You caught the attention of my son when a photo of yours appeared in the TNT on Oct. 19,2016. The green sloop hanging onto the bout in Drayton Passage is in my care. Last night I checked out your Longbranch Chronicles and discovered that you had found some delight in the afternoon sail of one little green sloop back in August.
    That is all fine and dandy and I hope that maybe the next time that you are out to the beach we may meet and swap some stories. I would appear the we are both mighty fond of Drayton Passage. Cheers, Tom

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