Dog days perfect for paddling

kayak 1
My Lovely Bride trying out her new Elie Sound 100 Ex kayak on Drayton Passage.

Dog days of summer are upon us.

Temperatures in Longbranch are soaring into the 90s our private road has to be watered down it is so dry.

We have not seen the ducks swimming in the pond in a long while, and both the goofy golden doodle and the handsome porti have just been miserable because of the heat.

Of course it was also the best day for my Lovely Bride and I to take our kayaks out for their maiden voyage on Drayton Passage.

Our journey began, according to my Lovely Bride, at the Key Peninsula’s “best kept secret — the boat ramp on 72nd Street.”

It sure looked like the secret was out. It felt like driving into a Love’s Truck Stop with half a dozen rigs with boat trailers hitched, including a Bobcat front loader.

“Now that is classic 884,” I tell my Lovely Bride.

I was rewarded with a hearty guffaw.

We put in among a gaggle of personal watercraft, a pontoon party boat and a couple of small boats with whiny outboards. Our lime green and white-hulled Elie Sound 100 EX kayaks stood out in the cold blue water of Drayton Passage.

With the soothing heat of the sun on our faces, we paddled south toward our beach and the sandbar.

“I absolutely love this,” my Lovely Bride said. “I love my kayak.”

Happy birthday my love.

2 thoughts on “Dog days perfect for paddling

  1. I love it David! You are so very
    talented!!! Just amazing!!! The water is soooo blue–it looks so
    soothing. Can’t wait to see it and you! Love, Betty

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