Free camp for military kids — including canoes and ziplines: priceless

camp corral
Katherine Hamilton dances her down the bridge to the boat dock at YMCA Camp Seymour on the Key Peninsula Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016.
camp corral
Jean-Luc Rivera said he would have been a Camp Corral camper had the program been available when he was a kid.

Jean-Luc Rivera knows what it’s like to be a military kid.

His mom was a Marine for 22 years.

Born in Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., Rivera moved from post to post with his mother, including a 4-year stop in Okinawa, Japan.

Today, the 23-year-old works for the national nonprofit group Camp Corral, which provides a free week of camp for children of military families with members who are injured, disabled or dead. More than 3,400 children at 21 locations nationwide are experiencing the great outdoors this summer because of the program.

Sitting on a picnic bench inside YMCA Camp Seymour on the Key Peninsula on Wednesday, Rivera smiled as he looked around at dozens of squealing campers.

“Camp Corral is my way of giving back to the military community,” he said. “It’s my chance to say thank-you to my mom for her service.”

The 135-acre camp a half-hour south of Tacoma seemed a perfect setting for many first-time campers who get to enjoy paddling on the calm waters of historic Glencove, shooting arrows in the archery range, challenging their skill on the rock climbing wall and having a pick of a handful of ziplines to try.

camp corral
Nathan Kempton, a first time camper at Camp Corral, said he likes it because it is “nice and cool.”

“I am here because it’s really cool and nice,” said Nathan Kempton, of Oregon. “It’s fun and a great place to meet new friends, get some exercise and do some cool stuff.”

This was exactly what Camp Seymour executive director Scotty Jackson wanted to hear.

“A lot of these kids have moved from base to base, having to make new friendships and re-form those relationships in different towns,” Jackson said. “What’s nice is that this is one of the things these kids have in common.”

Applications to camp open in January, and children age 8 to 15 from all military families are welcome to apply.

“It’s hard to come from a military family already, and on top of that you add a parent who comes back from war and isn’t the same,” Rivera said. “It’s good resilience building, helps them go back home and be able to cope better with the things that they face in their households.”

The Raleigh, N.C.-based organization partners with YMCA and 4H camps, paying for the week of camp, while the local camps provide their facilities and staff.

“I would have been a Camp Corral camper had this program been around when I was a kid,” Rivera said. “It makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. It feels good giving back.”

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camp corral
Camp counselor Katy Nardi grabs the canoe Daejonna Artis, 10, is on at Camp Seymour.
camp corral
Myla Weed, 13, second from left, laughs after bumping kayaks with Tiffany Rose, 14, while both campers were paddling on historic Glencove.
camp corral
Campers paddle back to the dock at YMCA Camp Seymour after an hour of play on the water.
camp corral
YMCA Camp Seymour Executive Director Scotty Jackson poses with camper Gavin Ripka on the dock.
camp corral
Myla Weed, 13, gets a hand from counselor Katy Nardi on the dock.
camp corral
Campers paddle out of Pirates Cove at YMCA Camp Seymour on the Key Peninsula.
camp corral
Campers are encouraged to learn and participate as many of the activities at YMCA Camp Seymour during their stay.


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