Longbranch lose power after truck plows into power pole

power pole 1
A crew from the Peninsula Light Co. work to replace a power pole damaged by a silver pickup truck in Home, Washington, early Sunday morning

As a warm breeze blew through Longbranch, my lovely bride and I sat on our deck waiting for the power to turn back on.

The goofy golden doodle and the sturdy porti, her new boy toy, slumbered on the weathered cedar planks as the promised sunshine beat down on their hairy backs.

power pole 3
The accident caused hundreds of homes on the southern tip of the Key Peninsula to lose power.

So goes another lazy Sunday afternoon on the Key Peninsula, except hundreds of homes are still waiting for electricity to be restored.

A silver Ford F150 crashed into a power pole in Home, Washington, just after midnight Sunday (April 17) cutting electricity to a wide swath of Lakebay and Longbranch, according to a Key Peninsula Fire Department Facebook post. Condition of the driver is unknown.

Crews from Peninsula Light Co. arrived on scene shortly after the accident, according to the post.

Power was restored for most of the Key Peninsula’s southern tip shortly after noon. According to the power company’s website, power for the rest of Longbranch will be restored later in the afternoon.

It was quite a scene by the Country Store earlier in the morning as looky-loos lined up along the rail on Herron Road across from the Lakebay Post Office.

Amateur shutterbugs snapped away as power company crews worked to extract the lower piece of the damaged pole, and then positioning a new pole in its place with a crane.

“I came out here to show my wife what I used to do,” said Jerry Loomis, a recently retired lineman for Tacoma Public Utility.

After 18 years on the job his bride had never seen what he does, he said with a broad smile.

“I loved hanging off high lines. That is what I used to do,” he said.

He sure seemed like a man who missed the job.

As for the rest of us, we simply miss our electricity.

power pole 2
This silver Ford F150 sheared off the top portion of a power pole before resting on a ditch across the street from the Shell station in Home.
power pole 4
Most of the Key Peninsula got their electricity back after more than 12 hours.

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