Watching Eagles a Treat No Matter Where

eagle flight new 2
A bald eagle leaps off a branch up high on a cottonwood tree along the Green River in Kent, Washington.

Watching bald eagles, no matter where, is always a treat.

So an invitation from fellow journalist Adam Lynn to catch a nesting pair by the Green River in Kent, Washington, Saturday (April 9) was graciously accepted.

The female bird calls out to her mate shortly before they traded duties at their nest.

Lynn has been watching this pair of eagles, along with other bird enthusiasts, for months as the couple built its nest high up a cottonwood tree.

Visible from a bend on a paved trail by Hogan Park, viewing the nesting pair was as easy as parking your car and walking a few feet and looking up the tree.

“It’s almost not fair,” Lynn said, as he showed me the spot.

Lynn and the others watching the pair know the birds’ routine. At least one of the eagles is almost always tending to the eggs, and they rotate the responsibility.

These guys wait for the birds to switch duties. It is when all the action occurs.

Just before sunrise, Lynn points to the silhouette of a large bird headed our way. It gracefully glides to a high branch of the tree and calls out to its mate.

The changing of the guard is on.

“Shooting eagles is like war,” my friend said, “It is long boring hours of waiting punctuated by 90 seconds of action.”

The female bald eagle grooms herself before flying off to hunt.
The male bald eagle settles in their nest as sunlight bathes their perch, while his mate takes off for the hunt.
The female bald eagle takes off for the hunt.

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