Spring in Longbranch comes to life in all shades of wonderful

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Geese fly over a pastel-painted Drayton Passage early morning Sunday (Feb. 7).


blog post 6
The sun breaking out of the fog Friday (Feb. 5) morning.

When a throng gathered earlier this month in Gobbler’s Knob, Pennsylvania, awaiting the emergence of the groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil, it offered hope for those of us longing for spring to come.

An ebullient emcee at the gathering, there to interpret the action of the rodent-in-residence, as reported by npr.org, declares: “There is no shadow to be cast! An early Spring is my forecast!”

So there you have it.

The woodchuck’s intent was interpreted, reported, and now the Pacific Northwest is awash in sunshine.

Meet “Ridgezilla”, a weather phenomenon of amazing strength and persistence, according to weather super geek Cliff Mass in his blog last Thursday. 

This is a very dry pattern for the West Coast, so that once a front moves through on Saturday morning (Feb. 6), we will rapidly dry out and stay dry.  But the eastern U.S. will become very cold as strong northerly flow moves arctic air southward,” Mass writes. “If we get some offshore flow on Monday and Tuesday and don’t fog out, temperatures could climb to 60 (degrees) and above, particularly over the southern portion of (Washington).  With the strengthening sun, it will feel like spring.”

That my friends is why we are having the glorious spring-like weather.

Good morning Longbranch.

blog post 4
A bicyclist takes advantage of the spring-like conditions Sunday (Feb. 7) to go for a ride on the Key Peninsula Highway.
blog post 8
The sunshine was a relief after a heavy deluge last week. An alpaca grazing by pools of rainwater on a farm on Erickson Road in Longbranch, Washington, Saturday (Feb. 6).
blog post 7
A boater could be seen making its way up Pitt Passage early Sunday (Feb 7) morning.
blog post 2
Balch Passage was awash in unreal colors Sunday (Feb 7) morning.
blog post 3
This string of lovely mornings began on Friday (Feb. 5). The sunrise over Mount Rainier was simply spectacular seen from Yeazell Road in Longbranch.

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