Cold, clear morning in Longbranch mean icy conditions

moon morning 2
A waning gibbous moon on the western sky above Kaukiki Farm on a clear and cold morning.
moon morning 3
I drove to Tacoma in the light of a dying moon.

I feared the worst on my commute this morning.

Temperatures had dropped to the low 30s overnight, and with clear skies, I knew that meant icy conditions.

In the light of a waning gibbous moon, I cautiously took to the Key Peninsula Highway, with the Goofy Goldendoodle blissfully staring out the back window of my white Toyota pickup truck. The last time we experienced these conditions I fishtailed my way across the Home Bridge.

So, ice and I have a history.

But not today.

I drove through the curves past the marina without incident. The Home Bridge was damp but not sleek. Traffic flowed close to normal. Thank you Pierce County for your anticipation in treating the roads.

And so goes another day in my life in the country.

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