Playing in snow on the Key Peninsula

snow play 1 recrop
A man plays on a sandy spit on Mayo Cove with snow falling on Douglas firs at Penrose Point State Park.

Longbranch was spared most of the snow that fell on the Key Peninsula Sunday.

Judging from posts on Facebook, the Key Center and Wright Bliss Road were the areas most affected. Travelers out of Port Orchard spoke of falling snow. Commuters heading north worried about conditions.

“What is the Key Peninsula Highway looking like? From Longbranch to Gig Harbor,” asked Danielle Ramsey on the Key Peninsula page Sunday afternoon. “No snow here in Longbranch, …but sending son out and want to be sure it’s clear.”

Most simply enjoyed the winter show, snapping shots of the seasonal dusting. Pictures of cars with snow piling on roofs, yards covered in snow and even one showing trees in a backyard in Home captioned: “It’s snowing . You will have to take my word on this.”

There were some who stood by their windows hoping to see snow fall.

“Seeing everyone’s snow pictures in Port Orchard,” wrote Shelby Johnston on Facebook. “My son and I are over here just staring out the window waiting for ours.”

Meanwhile on Mayo Cove at the Reinke property, a man with an umbrella skipped stones in the shadow of snow-drenched Douglas firs on Penrose Point State Park. It almost looked as if he was dancing, pirouetting every time he threw a shell.

“That is what I would be doing if I were there,” declares my Lovely Bride, as she looked over my shoulder at a picture I had taken of the scene.

Well, it looks like today may be a bit milder than yesterday. Rain, not snow, is falling with temperatures in the high 30s. 

“My hubby made it to Renton without a problem,” wrote Teresa Schoenhofen on Facebook at 2 a.m. Monday. “Remnants of snow seems to be the KP exclusive. Roads are bare and wet so far. Take it easy out there, wet means slick too. No ice issues so far.”

Well there you have it.

Good morning Longbranch.

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