Rare full moon rises on Christmas Day

rainier 2
Billowy clouds hurriedly rolled over Anderson Island, intermittently exposing our mountain’s snowy crown.
christmas moon 2
Clouds eventually enveloped the rare Christmas Day full moon.

Rare celestial happenings are a treat — especially a full moon on Christmas Day.

Although seeing it from Longbranch is a much cloudier conundrum.

A Christmas Day full moon has not been seen since 1977. The next one is due to rise in 2034, according to earthsky.org, a whopping 19-year wait.

This was special as celestial occurrences go. A fact my Lovely Bride fully embraced.

She asked me about the moon earlier in the day. Looking out from our deck to Drayton Passage, it seemed our chances of seeing the full moon was slim to never.

Billowy clouds rolled hurriedly over Anderson Island. Intermittent gaps briefly exposed our mountain’s snowy crown. Eagles soared just above the lip of our bank. A sun content to drop in and out of the party.

As the day marched on, our hopes of seeing the full moon faded with the final pink flourish of evening light. It was time to settle in for the evening news, and then a series of Law and Order reruns on the Sundance Channel.

Yet the blessings of Christmas keep shining.

“Look! The moon is out,” my Lovely Bride calls out. “How pretty.”

Right you are my dear.


Good morning Longbranch.

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