2015: Christmas morning in Longbranch

mayo cove 122515
It was all quiet along Lorenz Road by the Lakebay Marina on Christmas morning.
Christmas morning in Longbranch, Washington, Friday Dec. 25, 2015,
An early riser in Longbranch gets ready for Christmas morning.

Mayo Cove was all quiet Christmas morning as a leaden sky hung heavy over Douglas firs.

A light rain fell as a winter sun broke through, painting the glassy water of the Lakebay Marina on the Key Peninsula golden for a brief minute.

Not a soul was stirring on Lorenz Road, perhaps all still hunkered inside cozy homes opening presents. Smoke could be seen billowing up from a couple of houses, unhindered by wind. Seagulls called for breakfast. A puddle of rainwater pooling on a hollow next to the house with the white porch.

Alas my dreams of a white Christmas have been dashed. But the spirit of the day sweetly lingers as I spend the morning with my Lovely Bride and the Goofy Goldendoodle.

Good morning Longbranch.

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