Frigid, Foggy Morning in Longbranch

foggy joemma 1
It was foggy and freezing on Case Inlet where a boat is anchored off Joemma Beach State Park.

It was foggy and freezing on the Key Peninsula this morning.

We woke up on Drayton Passage to a thick blanket of frigid mist.

Our deck thermometer read 30 degrees. My numb nose agreed.

With my lovely bride warmly tucked in under a down comforter and the Goofy Golden Doodle curled comfortably at her feet, I snuck out of the house.

The roads were moist, the mist rising on Filucy Bay.

An ashen gray sky hung low, the pastures along Whiteman Road were white with frost.

Good morning Longbranch.

filucy heron 112815
A blue heron is content to sit on a dock at the Longbranch Marina.
filucy bay 112815
A seagull drops a clam on a dock with mist rising from a frigid Filucy Bay.


heron seagull 112815
A seagull and blue heron find perches on docks at the Longbranch Marina.


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