Chasing a Beaver Moon from Longbranch to Herron Point

beaver moon 1
The beaver moon on its final descent behind the Olympics mountain range and Harstine Island.
beaver moon 3
The chilly air felt almost too heavy for seagulls to take flight.

Walking on the frosty crust of the beach below the Herron Island ferry landing early Thursday morning, all I could think of was how beautiful it was.

A biting wind herded unruly wisps of fog up Case Inlet.

A nascent sunrise stained the sky purple and pink.

Seagulls huddled together on a frost-bit rail, not the least bit interested in taking flight.

The Olympics mountain range stood guard across the horizon, waiting patiently for the full beaver moon to make its descent into a new day.

All perfect.

Moments I could freeze and frame.

Just another lovely day in paradise.

Good morning Longbranch. 

beaver moon 7.jpg
A biting wind herd wisps of unruly fog up Case Inlet.
beaver moon 4.jpg
Seagulls huddle together on a frost-bit rail.
beaver moon 2.jpg
A nascent sunrise stain the sky hues of purple and pink.
beaver moon 8.jpg
The beach by the Herron island ferry landing built up a frosty crust overnight.

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