Power Out for Many in Longbranch, Key Peninsula

It is breezy out today, cutting power for many on the Key Peninsula.
It is breezy out today, cutting power for many on the Key Peninsula.
Power was out for many on the Key Peninsula this morning due to strong wind, according to Peninsula Light Company.

Almost 2,000 households were without power this morning as flying branches wreaked havoc to power lines from Fox Island to Longbranch.

Lakebay, Longbranch and Palmer Lake were without power for a good part of the morning, according to posts on Facebook. Lights were flickering in Glen Cove and by the Shell station in Home. Residents across the highway from Volunteer Park and Joemma Beach say their lights flickered after strong gusts, but power stayed up.

“Joemma beach, high winds blew by just now… lights ok…,” Mark Welsh writes. “(My) wife called from over by the countyline/Lake Kathryn area and lights went out (at 10 a.m.).”

Apparently some parts of the Peninsula were unaffected.

“Whiteman Road… No wind, just beautiful blue sky,” Brenda Porter reports on Facebook.

PenLight reports crews are beginning to work their way down the Peninsula and power should be restored in the next few hours, according to the power company’s Facebook feed.

Power for most of Longbranch was restored shortly after 11 a.m., according to PenLight.

If your power is still out, call 253-853-1388.

The National Weather Service’s forecast is for “sun, with a high near 45. Breezy, with an east northeast wind 23 to 25 mph.” The wind, it seems, will continue through tomorrow.

Hang tight folks.

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