Key Peninsula’s Beauty Worth Talking About

Good morning Longbranch.

I love it when someone asks me where I live.

It’s not a fair challenge. Like the Kansas City Royals’ sweep of the Orioles last night, it’s just not fair.

It’s too easy.

Yet I love it.

I am more than happy to talk ad nauseam about the Key Peninsula’s bucolic beauty. It’s quiet country roads dissecting homesteads that have been around for over a century. The quick and easy smiles you get when you greet people who live here. The passion they have for their way of life, whatever that may be. The stunning vistas of the Salish Sea. The lovely wildlife that cozy up among the cedars.

A couple of Sundays ago, I heard someone thank the good Lord for “waking up to birds splashing in the bird bath, for stopping on the road to let the deer cross, and for the sunlight glistening on the waters of the Puget Sound.”

Poignant prayer, our blessing.

We live in a special place and we know it.

For this I make no apologies.

Here are five images I picked a couple of days ago to illustrate where I live.

In posting these images on Facebook, I said “These are all images from my home on the Key Peninsula — from the wildlife that live around us, how we move about the inland sea, the views of our majestic mountain, the passionate people who live here, and the peace and quiet we enjoy.”

Wise old Ozzie.
Wise old Ozzie.
Sailing away.
Sailing away.
Majestic mountain.
Majestic mountain.
Passionate people.
Passionate people.
Peace and quiet.
Peace and quiet.

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