My own ‘I hit a deer…’ in Longbranch story

A fawn during one of my drives to Tacoma.
A fawn during one of my drives to Tacoma.

I’m sure everyone has their “I hit a deer…” story.

More than five years living on the Key Peninsula and I finally have mine.

But first things first.

The deer — a skinny fawn, really — is fine and ran off into the tall grass just north of the Longbranch Marina and before Rouse Road.

A fact: The deer really do jump out of nowhere and into the path of your moving vehicle.

Another fact: You do notice their eyes right before impact (in that deer in headlight pose).

Just this past weekend, my lovely bride and I watched another motorist pull over to revive a deer after they had hit it. There they were, knelt around the deer stroking it, before the animal leapt up and staggered away. The startled animal stopped for a split second, took one look at the humans on the side of the Key Peninsula Highway, and bounded away.

“Is it all right?” my lovely bride asked.

“I don’t know,” I responded.

“I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever hit one,” I added.

Now I do.

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