Drought is Broken, Time for the Key Peninsula Log Show

A flat and windless Drayton's Passage was busy with boaters.
A flat and windless Drayton’s Passage was busy with boaters.

The rain this past week has broken the drought in Western Washington, according to weather super geek Cliff Mass.

We have had 1.24 inches of rain this week, an average of 0.18 inches a day, according to the Weather Underground station at the Tacoma Narrows Airport.

It has also been a scorcher of a week, topping out at 91 degrees on Tuesday.

The average temperature all week has been a relatively cool 76 degrees.

It is currently 64 degrees with a leaden sky and hardly any breeze to speak of. Although the sun is attempting to break through its cloudy shroud.

Boaters have been gliding by on Drayton’s Passage. The goofy golden doodle is still lazily lounging up on our bed.

If the water is not your thing, head north up the highway for the 29th Key Peninsula Logging Show. Gates open at 10 a.m.

This is also the first year the logging show will be held at Gateway Park. Watch local loggers demonstrate their skills, see antique historic logging machinery, shop for arts and crafts and enjoy a day out with the family.

Good morning Longbranch.

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