Sweltering Summer Night Bring Lightning, Spectacular Sunset

lightning 081114
An impressive lightning show entertained us on Drayton’s Passage last night.

While my lovely bride and I stewed in the sweltering heat of a Longbranch summer evening, praying for a whiff of a breeze, lightning and thunder serenaded us to sleep.

We hoped the thunderstorm would sweat a few drops of cooling rain.

Anything to save us from the oppressive heat.

No such luck.


A few record temperatures were set around the Puget Sound yesterday — with a number of stations reporting between 95 and 100 degrees, according to weather super geek Cliff Mass.

Hot conditions coupled with rolling thunder storms can spell disaster. At the very least, it prompted a Red Flag Warning from the National Weather Service for extreme burning conditions, Mass wrote Monday.

“Think that the western side of the mountains can’t get the big fires we are seeing east of the Cascades?” Mass wrote. “Think again. There have been huge fires on the western slopes of the Cascades and there are lot of big trees to burn once an event gets started.”

Rain will come with the thunderstorms to give us relief from the heat tonight and tomorrow, according to Mass.


hildahl sunset
Richard Hildahl sent in this photo of the spectacular sunset they witnessed on Filucy Bay yesterday.

In the meantime, the sky to the west bled shades of deep crimson as the sun set over the Olympic mountain range.

We could see the dramatic coloring of the clouds above our alder and fir trees on the Key Peninsula’s eastern shore.

Our friends on Filucy Bay report they caught the spectacle head on.

Stay cool my friends.

As of 4:30 this morning, the thermometer read 64 degrees. I thought that wrong, but the weather geeks all confirmed my dread.

Things ought to cool off a bit tonight. Our high today will still reach the mid 80s. So don’t put that bathing suit away just yet.

Good morning Longbranch.

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