My Lovely Bride, Love of my Life

RP sandbarmeg#1
My lovely bride soaking up the tropical sun on a sandbar in the Philippines in February 2013.
meg chair
Meg lounging on a deck in Key Caulker, Belize, on our honeymoon in June 2008.

I am grateful for my good fortune.

More so that it all came to me by happenstance.

Today, my lovely bride celebrates a birthday and I celebrate with her.

For my sake.

She redeemed me from the vagaries of life as a bachelor. She takes good care of me. She is my comfort and my joy. She loves me.

Here is what I wrote last year to describe her:

“The one thing that has definitely turned out well for me is meeting my lovely bride. You will absolutely love her. She is an all-American gal who grew up in a two-storey colonial in Guilford, Connecticut. Her childhood home came with a small pond in the backyard. She is a rebellious hippie broad who, with a few San Miguels in her, might have a saltier mouth than a sailor fresh off the deck of an ‘estrangjero’ (a large foreign-flag freighter) anchored on Dumaguete Bay.”

We met in the second acts of our lives — fortuitously enough by a large sugary fruit bowl at a birthday party in Tacoma.

“I’m done with men,” she said to an acquaintance.

I’m glad she reconsidered.

Happy birthday my love.

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