Fun Longbranch Cruise teach McNeil Island History

mcneil cruise#1 072614
About 70 people spent an afternoon aboard the Tacoma-based charter boat “My Girl” for a history cruise around McNeil Island Sunday. The cruise is sponsored by the Key Peninsula Historical Society.
mcneil cruise#6 072614
Gloria Wing on the bow of the boat as it cruised by the red brick building school house where she taught in the early 1980s.

Gloria Wing’s eyes lit up when she saw the red brick building where she once taught precocious children their ABCs.

“Heaven on earth,” Wing said, of life on McNeil Island.

Wing was a teacher on the island for three years in the early 1980s. Her students were the children of the prison staff.

But her connection to the 6.6-square-mile island go farther back, to her father’s family who settled on McNeil before the prison was built.

“They used to pick berries,” Wing said.

Wing, along with about 70 others, were on a History Cruise around McNeil Island aboard the Tacoma-based charter boat “My Girl” Sunday afternoon. The cruise was organized by the Key Peninsula Historical Society.

mcneil cruise#13 072614
It was a picture-perfect day for a cruise in Longbranch.
mcneil cruise#15 072614
Paul Stanfill, owner and skipper of “My Girl”, keeps an eye on things.
mcneil cruise#3 072614
Not everyone got out in the sun. Frank Masur preferred the boat’s comfortable salon.
mcneil cruise#14 072614
A paddler on Filucy Bay as the cruise got underway.

It was a picture-perfect afternoon to be on the Puget Sound — a bright sun, blue sky and calm water.

“I wanted to get a different view of the island besides what I can see from the ferry,” Tracy Brock said, standing on the port side of the boat with her husband Patrick.

The view Brock was alluding to was the narration provided by speakers from the McNeil Island Historical Society.

Cruise participants learned everything about the island’s history.

It was established as a prison in 1875 as the Washington Territorial Penitentiary. It was a federal prison until 1981 and a state prison for 30 more years, before it was shuttered in 2011. Its roster of infamous inmates include Charles Manson and Robert Franklin Stroud — who arrived on McNeil as a 19-year-old, long before he became known as the “Birdman of Alcatraz”.

mcneil cruise#2 072614
Roy Ewen gets a closer look of McNeil Island’s coastline.
mcneil cruise#11 072614
Linda Ewen got a kick out of boaters enjoying the day on Pitt Passage, just a stone’s-throw away from her house.

For many on the cruise it was also a chance to see their home from the water.

Roy Ewen and Linda Wickstrom pointed out to their new friends their home along Pitt Passage.

“We don’t really have a connection to McNeil Island except for a beautiful view of it,” Roy Ewen said. “We are here for the history and to meet more wonderful people.”

Judi Mills, president of the Key Peninsula Historical Society, was aboard “to have fun… learning about McNeil Island.”

Mills laughed at stories of escaped prisoners, real or imagined, as she flitted from bow to stern.

But the idea of escape from the island prison seem real enough.

mcneil cruise#8 072614
Cruise participants got educated on the history of the prison on McNeil Island. One of the island’s more infamous guests included one Charles Manson.
mcneil cruise#12 072614
John Huver, representing the Lakewood Historical Society, enjoyed the view from inside the boat’s galley.
mcneil cruise#16 072614
My lovely bride had a great time out on the water.

In its history as a prison, at least 100 inmates have broken out of the McNeil prison compound or work detail, according to The News Tribune. Maybe two dozen made it off the island, perhaps fewer.

The Tacoma newspaper reports prison authorities said they could not be certain of the count because they do not know how many actually survived the swim and how many drowned trying.

McNeil Island is three miles by water to Steilacoom, but only a few hundred yards from the Key Peninsula on the narrowest point along Pitt Passage.

Ewen said “you could practically wade across at low tide.”

Everyone had a fine time on the two-hour cruise.

Joyce Smith ought to know. She was working the bar in the main salon of the boat.

Smith is also a boat captain in Tacoma and was aboard helping out Paul Stanfill, owner and skipper of the charter boat.

She named her 34-foot trawler “Seawillow” after a grandmother from Soddy Daisy, Tenn.

Smith said her grandmother went to one of her AARP meetings and told her friends “I bet none of you has had a ship named after them.”

Stories, it seems, just kept coming.

mcneil cruise#9 072614
The skipper gives a shakkah for the wonderful weather.

4 thoughts on “Fun Longbranch Cruise teach McNeil Island History

  1. I lived on the island 1954/1963 when it was a federal prison. I understand from the article that the island is now void of any people or purpose. Is that right?

    1. Diana: The Special Commitment Center, a detention center for sex predators run by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services, now calls McNeil Island home. There are few hundred offenders on the island that the courts deem most likely to reoffend. They will stay on the island until they are found to no longer be a threat to the community. Depending on your point of view, the state just replaced a state prison for another sort of detention center run by another state agency. Here is a link of a story on the SCC. This ought to give you a better idea of who lives on island these days. > I hope this helps. David

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