Key Peninsula gem a perfect place for crab pots

crabbing#5 071914
Adrienne Ion drops the featured item of last night’s dinner menu into a boiling pot — a delicious buttery treat.
crabbing#2 071914
My lovely bride shows off her first crab. She’s hooked on crabbing, I’m afraid.

What sweet, buttery bounty the Puget Sound has to offer.

Three women, three crab pots, four delectable crustaceans.

An afternoon out on the docks at Joemma Beach State Park Saturday was just perfect, my lovely bride said. The companionship: priceless.

A university professor, a life counselor and a banker enjoyed an outing on one of the Key Peninsula’s public gems.

This was my lovely bride’s first time to go crabbing.

She arrived home Thursday proudly showing me her new crab pot. In a brown plastic bag was a tray of chicken thighs — for bait, she said.

crabbing#1 071914
Meg drops her first crab pot in the cold water off Joemma Beach State Park.

But not to worry, she was not going out without experienced guides.

“There is no sport to crabbing,” said Chris Demaske, a University of Washington Tacoma professor and avid crabber. “You toss your pot in the water, have a beer, and then pull your pot out to check if you have a crab.”

Repeat as many times as you have beer to drink, Demaske said laughing.

Demaske has been crabbing for as long as she can remember.

She discovered the joy of crabbing in the bayous near New Orleans, where she used to visit her grandmother.

You would tie a string to a chicken neck, drop it in the still water and wait, she said. When you feel a tug on your line, you slowly pull the line out. You catch the crab with a net as it gets to the surface.

Simple enough.

The three women netted three rock crabs, a dungeness and three wind-burnt noses.

Sounds like fun to me.

crabbing#3 071914
The professor volunteered to clean their catch. Who am I to argue.

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