Nice of Summer to Finally Arrive in Longbranch

von geldern cove#1 071214
A hobie cat sailboat sits serenely on Von Geldern Cove early Saturday morning.

It is nice of summer to finally arrive.

I rolled out of bed and the deck thermometer was already declaring 60 degrees. The weather geeks say we’ll see 95 before this day is done.

The sun is beating down on Drayton’s Passage, and fishing boats are racing north to try their luck.

As I stood on our bank I could feel a slight breeze. I hope it lingers through the day.

It is a lazy morning in my house, yet the birds seem determined to get us moving.

A funny thing happened when I drove down to Von Geldern Cove Saturday morning.

As I stopped on A Street to snap a picture, two gentlemen and a black lab walked up to me. One of the men asked “what are you seeing?”

“The light,” I responded.

“I told you he’s an artist,” the man said to his friend.

Thank you.

And if what he said is true, then we are all artists out here in God’s country.

This beauty is intoxicating theater. It is near impossible to not snap a picture as the curtains rise. Irresistible. It just is.

Good morning Longbranch.

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