Poetic Morning in Longbranch

sunrise mountain_jpg
Early light on a glassy Draytons Passage.
hummy 070814
The flower pot on our deck was an appetizing breakfast for a hungry hummingbird this morning.

Riotous birds rouse a new day on Drayton’s Passage. A magenta sky laundered to a golden haze by the starchy light. A train rumbles just beyond the tree line; horns blaring. It is 57 degrees on our deck, and no cares worth a fleck.

Yes, it has been that kind of a morning Down Key.

We have not seen a single vessel cut through the glassy passage all morning. The weather geeks say it will be a warm and humid day.

I love this time of year. Kaukiki Farm just told me they will be haying their fields this week. Work never ends for the farmers on the Key Peninsula.

Good morning Longbranch.

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