Typical summer weekend in Longbranch

A glorious sunrise over McNeil Island Monday after a weekend of spotty sunshine and scattered showers.

Another typical summer weekend on the Key Peninsula ended with patches of blue sky nestled in between rain showers.

The saving grace has been the relative warmth of our days.

“Funny how I just keep chasing the sun,” my lovely bride said, as she crab-walked a chair to a sun-lit corner of our flagstone patio.

It did not take long for my lovely bride and I to end up back up on our deck Sunday afternoon, as the sun crawled its way to the zenith of its celestial equinox.

We marveled at the racket the birds were making, drowning the cries of Douglas squirrels.

A skiff by our bank pulling a pot of crabs Sunday afternoon before the rain came.
The south wind blew in dark angry clouds, raining on our Sunday afternoon.

Scattered across Drayton’s Passage were skiffs and small boats — some fishing while others busily pulling up crab pots as the tide began rolling back in.

A skiff stopped by our bank to pull up a pot full of crabs. What fun, my lovely bride said.


We were both treated to the best the Key Peninsula has to offer — until the south wind blew angry dark clouds to rain on our blissful interlude.

Oh well.

Is it the fifth of July yet?

The weather geeks say that this week we will see more of the sun. Our high today could push north of 80 degrees, and tomorrow is shaping up to be a scorcher with the high temperature expected near 90 degrees. The record high for July 1 at the Tacoma Narrows Airport is 88 degrees, recorded last year.

Now, that is great news for all you sun followers out there.

Good morning Longbranch.

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