Tale involves the Adventuress — a Longbranch visitor — an old bell and a glamorous grandmother

The 133-foot gaff-rigged schooner served as a San Francisco Bar Pilot after World War II.
The historic schooner on a recent visit to Gig Harbor.

I love old boats.

I especially love boats that come with great stories.

Here is one about the schooner Adventuress: something about a glamorous swinger from San Francisco, the captain of that lovely city’s police patrol boat and a long-lost bell. Yeah, that’s right, the one you ring.

I came across this story from a Facebook post by Catherine Collins, the director of the Adventuress’ operations.

“So thrilled that it made early edition Sunday San Francisco Chronicle – front page Bay Area section (above the fold!),” Collins writes on Facebook. “I can’t stop giggling…crazy happy.”

According to sfgate.com, “It had come with one of those mildly scandalous stories families love to talk about. This one involves a glamarous grandmother and the captain of San Francisco’s police patrol boat.”

The Bay Area news outlet wrote the story and here is the link: http://m.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Ship-s-bell-missing-100-years-turns-up-safe-and-5568648.php

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