A Bit of Bluegrass on a Beautiful Longbranch Day

The Lakebay Marina sits at the toe of Mayo Cove and will be a wonderful venue for tonight’s Rusty Roots jam.
There will be plenty of picking and strumming tonight at the marina.

Good morning Longbranch.

If you are looking to relax and listen to down-home music on this glorious Saturday, head on down to the Lakebay Marina tonight at 7 for a bit of bluegrass.

Rusty Roots, of Home, will be picking and strumming tonight at the beautiful marina on Mayo Cove. If nothing else, enjoy the view from the old dock that used to be one of the stops for the Mosquito Fleet.

Rusty Roots at a Key Peninsula Library event: (From right to left) Roger Gemelle on the mandolin, Bill Lloyd on the guitar, Lynn Lloyd on the ukele and Dorene Paterson on the banjo.

It will be wonderful and warm today with temperatures nearing 80 degrees, according to the weather geeks. It will be more of the same tomorrow, so dust off your bloomers (or swimsuits for those of you less inhibited) and dip your toes in the water. For a quick history on swimsuit history, go to http://vintagefashionguild.org/fashion-history/swim-wear-history/  I had no idea the ancient Greeks were so uninhibited.

Anyway, get out there enjoy our beautiful beaches. I’m sure it was a day like today that inspired Edward Yeasell in 1889 to think of the southern tip of the Key Peninsula as a resort haven — much like the ocean resort town of Long Branch, N.J., that he frequented as a child.


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