Enjoying a Lovely Memorial Day Weekend in Longbranch

Me, my lovely bride and the goofy golden doodle enjoying the first fire pit fire of the season.

Under a blue sky with puffy white clouds, my lovely bride and I made our first fire pit fire of the season last night.

This has become an annual ritual for my house. We love the smell of burning wood in Spring. This fabulous weekend weather gave us just the excuse.

“Listen to the birds,” my lovely bride said. A sapsucker came out to join us by our backyard patio.

“I’m so glad we built the fire last night,” my lovely bride tells me as we sipped our morning coffee.

So am I my dear.

The air was warm with hardly a breeze and we watched the clouds gracefully roll over our mountain. The smoky ambiance of our backyard fire pit was just right. The goofy golden doodle plopped down on the cold slate rock of our patio and enjoyed the quiet evening with us.

We’ll see more of the same weather today as the morning clouds move on out of Drayton’s Passage. It is currently 52 degrees and dry with a slight breeze, according to the weather geeks. Our high today will push north of 70 and there is a 40 percent chance of rain.

Good morning Longbranch.

By the end of our evening, the clouds had finally rolled off our mountain.

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