Snapshot: Sights of Spring

A red-winged blackbird finds a perch on a neighbor’s tree to sing its song. Just another lovely sight of Spring on the Key Peninsula.

Red-winged Blackbird at Gettysburg Field

By Beall, J.H.

We linger to read the gentle lines the land
makes, caused somehow by the layers of rock
below these peaceful fields. We talk under
a copse of trees, mostly for shade from the sun.

A red-winged blackbird alights and bobs on distant
sedge, then launches itself toward the canopy
above us. Before it disappears, hurtling into
the fractured darkness of the trees,

its two chevrons, brilliant orange-red on black
wings, flashes against the fractal blues and greens
of tree and sky. The wind shifts. The words
flutter to us…of soldiers’ battles and old wars.

For the rest of the poem…


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