Watching a Full Flower Moon Rise

moonrise flower 051314
My lovely bride pointed out to me Tuesday evening the moon rising over Henderson Island.

I got home the other night to find my lovely bride watering her flowers in our backyard. It was a wonderfully warm day, sunny and mostly clear. Our mountain was out and an almost full moon was just rising over Henderson Island.

moonrise 051414
The Full Flower Moon rising over Drayton’s Passage Wednesday night.

“That is beautiful,” my lovely bride said. “I love this time of the year.”

Me too, my love.

Technically, yesterday was the full moon, also know this time of the year as the Full Flower Moon — aptly named because of the blooms of Spring.

In the tradition of Native American naming, it’s commonly known as the flower moon, to reflect the spring blooms seen this month,” according to “Other names for the May full moon include the hare moon, the corn-planting moon and the milk moon.”

This month’s full moon had the added feature of slipping in front of Saturn. Unfortunately, this phenomena could only be seen in Australia and New Zealand, according to universe

“Occultations of stars happen swiftly. The moon’s limb meets the pinpoint star and bam! it’s gone in a flash. But Saturn is an extended object and the moon needs time to cover one end of the rings to the other,” writes

Enjoy this Summer-like weather folks while it lasts. The weather geeks have rain in their forecast for Friday.

Meanwhile the goofy golden doodle is blissfully chasing Douglas squirrels around the deck.

Good morning Longbranch.

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