A Lazy Winter Day in Longbranch

Even the ducks seem restless on this lazy day.
It was a blue morning on Von Geldern Cove.

If you can look beyond the rain and the mist, today is a day to celebrate. The winter solstice is upon us — the year’s longest and shortest day. After today our days begin to lengthen. Our trudge toward summer has begun, drunk with visions of endless days and blinding sunshine.

Yes Longbranch, I can see the patches of marguerites blooming lustily on fields of supple green.

I lazily sit at home four full shopping days before Christmas proud my holiday scavenging is complete, the goofy golden doodle sprawled by my feet.

A little drizzle is all we’ll see for the freeze is history. The weather geeks say rain, I say what a lousy refrain. A high of 46 and a low of 43 feels like the epitome of consistency.

So into winter we go…

One thought on “A Lazy Winter Day in Longbranch

  1. this is a good reflectlion of life in the PNW….even in Seattle.  Is it just me or is Christmas a drag this year??   must be the Affordable Health Care Act effect on our lives….

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