A Cold and Beautiful Day in Longbranch

The sunrise on my way to work was just sublime, and terribly cold. My car thermometer read 36 degrees parked at the Longbranch Marina.

What a beautiful day Tuesday is turning out to be.

Cold, yes. But as a colleague of mine said while walking back in the newsroom after some time outside: “The sun is just beautiful. Cold, but beautiful.”

Enjoy the wonderful sunshine. It may not last long.

According to a story in The News Tribune today: “By Wednesday, lows should be in the 40s again, when the clouds and the rain comes back,” National Weather Service meteorologist Art Gaebel told the Tacoma newspaper.

That’s because, as the Earth loses heat to outer space at night, clear skies speed up the process.

“With clear skies and cool/dry air over us, expect minimum temperatures to drop, particularly in sheltered locations,” writes the weather super geek Cliff Mass. “Many of you will experience 30s tonight and in some of the cooler/more sheltered spots, frost. Good time to protect your plants.”

Now you know.

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