The Goofy, Lovable Rascal Turns Five

The Goofy Golden Doodle turns five today.

A squirrel ran across the deck early this morning catching Maddee’s eye. She jumps up, racing to the door. Turning her head to me, she asks to be let out.

“No, Maddee,” I said.

She lets out a high-pitched whine and plops down on the rug by the door.

This day is starting just like every other day, except today the Goofy Golden Doodle turns five.

Her birthday, our special day.

“I can’t believe she is five,” my lovely bride said.

Indeed, my dear.

My lovely bride scoops up Maddee for the first time inside a freezing barn in Spangle, Wash.
Madeline Rose came home to us in February 2009, after spending three weeks at Puppy Boot Camp.

It seemed like only yesterday that my lovely bride scooped her up into her arms in a freezing barn on a farm in Spangle, Wash. Madeline Rose was the last of her litter. Even the runt — Humping Harry — was spoken for.

No one wanted this girl, it seemed.

But as we watched Maddee run around her barn, showing us the stainless steel bathtub she and Harry slept in, she won our hearts. She was full of energy with her big brown eyes and a tail that curled up.

She was the boss of that barn.

We asked her breeder Cindy what she was like. Cindy pauses to think. Then she tells a story.

“She always led the litter,” Cindy said. ” She would find the opening in the barn door and, in single file, lead her siblings out of the barn. She was smart that way.”

She has quite the personality, in a lovable rascal sort of way. She has never been boring, and we love her.

She will enjoy her birthday carrot cake today, like she has in previous years.

Happy birthday Maddee.

The Goofy Golden Doodle is happiest running free on a sandy beach. This is her shaking off sand and water in Grayland, Wash.

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