Picture perfect Fog in Lakebay

marina fog #3
Fog settled on Mayo Cove in Lakebay early this morning.
marina fog #2
Penrose Point State Park was barely visible from Lorenz Road.

Good morning Longbranch.

“Fogmagedon” continues, probably through the weekend.

It is currently 46 degrees and the weather geeks are saying we might see some sunshine later in the afternoon.

Cliff mass, the weather super geek, writes on his blog: “We are now in the middle of a highly unusual situation for mid-October:  a several-week period of high pressure, drought, and dense low clouds and fog… Each day the inversion layer over the Puget Sound lowlands has lowered and gained more better definition, and with it  the tops of the low cloud layer have descended.  We are being squeezed….meteorologically, of course.”

For a good explainer on our weather and the science behind how fog forms, go here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/10/23/2852888/fogmageddon-expected-to-stick.html

It is beautiful out there. I took a minor detour down Lorenz Road in Lakebay, driving slow through the dense fog. Penrose Point State Park was barely visible. Boats anchored on Mayo Cove sat still, picturesque sentinels on a dawning day.

marina fog #1
It was a beautiful autumn morning by the Lakebay Marina.

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