Warming Trend Falls our Way

Drayton Passage in the light of the evening sun.

Good morning Longbranch.

It is a cool morning with the mercury hovering around 40 degrees, but it is dry. I know we did not get any rain overnight. I had to let the goofy golden doodle out at 1 a.m. The warming trend continues today, and hopefully through the rest of the week. At least that has been the forecast of the weather geeks. Our high temperature will stay around 60 and mostly sunny.

The colors in our backyards are just spectacular. If you haven’t noticed, please slow down and take a quick look around. It will be worth your time. The sun, the blushing leaves and the smell of damp grass telling us it is autumn.

Have a great day all.

fall color 101213
A miniature horse on a pasture in Home, Wash.

2 thoughts on “Warming Trend Falls our Way

  1. What a gorgeous picture of MT. Rainier, in the glow of evening light, and the blazing colors of the trees reflected in the bay…..Thank you!

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