Mt. Rainier picked a Lovely Longbranch Evening to make a Comeback

It has been almost a week since we last saw our mountain. Did she make a stunning comeback or what?

Was that a beautiful day or what?

If tomorrow ends up like today, expect another perfect day to spend outdoors. It is beginning to feel more like fall — some may even argue winter. But with the sun out it sure feels like paradise.

I am not not simply slinging hyperbole like a fast-order cook flipping crispy hash browns. If you had the chance to see the mountain just after  sundown tonight, you would agree with me.

Mount Rainier was a crisp snowball. As the light dropped down the horizon, the frozen mountain glistened like a pink ball of cotton candy. Moments later, only wisps of feathery crimson stratus clouds interrupted the pastel sky.

Expect more fog tomorrow morning. But it ought to burn off by the afternoon to give us another gorgeous day.

Longbranch, that is something to look forward too.

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