Key Peninsula optimism, eye candy in a rainbow

A beautiful rainbow over the Longbranch Marina was a welcomed bit of eye candy on my drive home yesterday.

Things are looking up in our neck of the woods.

The winds have finally quieted down. The rain has slowed to a drizzle. The clouds are not as ominous as they were a couple of days ago. A rainbow even graced my commute home from Tacoma yesterday.

Life is good on the Key Peninsula.

The weather forecast: It will be partly cloudy with the sun trying its best to brighten things up. This is from the weather geeks. The level of their optimism varies from site to site. But generally, things may be drying up a tad on this finger of land we call home.

Boy, just in time for this weekend’s farm tour.

I tip my hat to the men and women who have worked very hard to get things ready for this annual homage to the Peninsula’s hearty homesteaders. After chatting up a few of them, there really are a bunch of very nice and interesting people on this Peninsula.

I just went from story to story. Each new story just as interesting as the last. They all tell their stories with grace and passion. A common theme: They all love this place.

“Who wouldn’t want to live here?” said Bill Ketts, of Blue Willow Lavender Farm and current president of the farm tour council.

Well said, Mr. Ketts.

Then there is the mother and daughter duo proprietors of Bea’s Flowers. Linda Brewer, the daughter, patiently walked me through the evolution of their little  garden on Creviston Road.

It was not a surprise to me that she and her mother started the flower garden because they wanted to help others. How else do things get started on this Peninsula?

Boy, did I get an education from the Gahards — from winemaking to grapes to good food. They even threw in a kernel of marital wisdom. Claude and Claudia are a hoot.

I am grateful to Janice Bryant for giving me a peek into life on a farm. I can attest to the veracity of the claim that locally grown food tastes better. The sausage made from Kaukiki Farm’s hogs Big Fatty and Little Pink were simply divine.

People on the Peninsula do not shy away from work. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Best of all, they treat each other with respect. They genuinely love this place they call home.

Good morning Longbranch.

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