Thunder, steady rainfall in Longbranch mark first fall storm

I know the feeling little bird. Find the high ground and weather the storm.
Rain has been falling all weekend long on our strip of land in the South Sound.

Good morning Longbranch.

I hope all are safe and snuggled in a nice warm bed. The first storm of the fall is freaking out the goofy golden doodle. She has been restless all night and only slept after an invite up to our bed.

Thunder is rumbling outside. The wind gusts are making our firs scream. The steady drumbeat of rain is giving this Monday morning a wintry vibe. It is dark and I am just having my first cup of coffee.

It is a chilly 50 degrees outside and the weather geeks forecast more rain through Wednesday.

The super weather geek Cliff Mass wrote this last night as the winds arrived: “Winds at exposed mountain locations will get to 80 mph, plus.  Northwest Washington will see gusts to 40-60 mph.  And it will be quite windy here in Puget Sound (gusts to around 40-45 mph. So get ready…the winds are about to increase.”

Stay safe all.

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