Stuffed-Straw Sentinels Signal Coming of Key Peninsula Farm Tour

These art pieces are not your run-of-the-mill scarecrows.

Artsy, scary, laid back, hero — scarecrows.

Laura Nation, a teller at the Key Center branch of Sound Credit Union, stopped to take snapshots of the artful sentinels.

All represented, all standing (or sitting as in the farmer on a white plastic chair) sentinels along the Key Peninsula Highway at Key Center.

Like stalks of corn, these artful installations sprung up overnight, it seems. The Farm Tour must be just around the dusty bend.

This annual homage to the history of hearty homesteaders on our Peninsula happens next Saturday, Oct. 5. The seven stuffed art pieces sitting guard along the highway are heralding the coming of this year’s edition of the tour. The artful display, I hear , was put on by the tour committee. I am told most of the displays are a creation of Beverly Pederson of the Art Barn.

The installation occurred while most of us were at work yesterday. But it was all ready for us to enjoy by our afternoon commute back into the Peninsula.

“Oh my gosh, that is so cool,” Diana Nole said as she left work at the Bishoff Fish Food Bank in the Key Center. “I love it when local artists’ work get (displayed) out there.”

You can’t miss it. There is a painter, a farmer, Red Riding Hood with her wolf and even a firefighter across the street at the Key Center fire station house. They are colorful, eye-catching pieces. These are not your run-of-the-mill stuffed-sheet-with-pumpkin-for-a-head scarecrows. Judge for yourselves.

Laura Nation, a teller at the Key Center branch of Sound Credit Union, thought it cool enough to stop for snapshots.

“This is not for anything special,” Nation said. “I just want to email this out. They are so cool.”

Well, they are cool indeed.

These straw-stuffed sentinels are hard to miss.

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