Longbranch Rainbows, Whitecaps and ‘Island Spirit’

The best thing about storms are the rainbows that come when the sun peeks through the clouds.

Good morning Longbranch.

I hope you stayed dry during the first big downpour of the autumn. It was a perfect day to stay indoors and enjoy the company of my lovely bride. I made chili and she cut the fruit.

“Look at the rain come down,” she said, pointing to the front of the house. “We haven’t seen this in a while.”

The ferry boat “Island Spirit” passes the marker by the sandbar on Drayton Passage.

And we have not. Our summer has been dry.

But according to usa.com, we average 56.28 inches of rainfall a year compared to 38.67 inches for the state of Washington. So life in Western Washington is a bit damp. Bring it on.

Sunday was stormy. The wind was blowing hard throughout the day along Drayton Passage. Whitecaps were evident on the water. Boaters were hurrying back home, hoping to miss the brunt of the storm. The San Juan Islands ferry boat “Island Spirit” cruised by as the rain came down.

The three-deck, 130-foot boat is a sightseeing vessel that carry up to 32 passengers in 17 staterooms. It was originally built as an oil field supply vessel in 1978. She got a makeover in 2002, making it both comfortable to ride and easy on the environment.

“The Island Spirit continues to set the benchmark for low impact on the environment,” its website boasts. “We are the only US Coast Guard licensed small ship to power our guest and public areas by batteries at night. We utilize excess power during the day to charge up for super quiet evenings. We don’t run engines at night so you’ll sleep right. Imagine anchoring in pristine Alaskan bays on such a quiet vessel.”

Well, she sure looked pretty on the choppy waters.

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