Autumn rain in Longbranch brings out the chili

A sailor trying to get home before the rain arrives on Drayton Passage.

It is a chili kind of day.

“I love it,” my lovely bride said. “The wind is picking up. I can see whitecaps.”

Boats of all sizes have been cruising through Drayton Passage — heading home before the storm gets worst, I’m sure.

It is currently 58 degrees but feels like its 40. The wind is coming and going. We’re gauging its intensity by the sway of one of the trees on our bank. A neighbor’s television antenna has a couple of rods hanging by its wires. (Yes, we still have analog antennas out here.)

But this is the kind of weather that is perfect for sitting on your arse, enjoying a nice hot bowl of chili.

Speaking of that chili…

chili 092213
A bowl for my lovely bride without the duck sausage.

It is made from tomatoes, green bell peppers and celery from the garden. I threw in a combination of garbanzos, pink and black beans — the only beans our pantry had to offer. Add broiled duck sausage and I have the house smelling just right. Hey, just in time for the Hawks game.

Go Hawks!

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