Longbranch Light Show Punctuate Hawks over Miners Domination

Two of our hummingbirds brave the thunder, lightning and rain to get a fill of sugar water. Now that is what I call dedication. Or is it desperation?
At least the chore of watering the plants can be put off for another couple of days.

That was pretty cool.

Almost a full week of summer-like weather — two days with record temperatures — then lightning and thunder. On a day when football fans around the nation had their eyes on the Pacific Northwest. We sure know how to throw a party.

The silver lining in all the rain and thunder is that our friends in California may now think twice about moving north. Well, the 49ers sure didn’t think much of our hospitality: a 29-3 drubbing in a noise pit we fondly call the Clink. Go Hawks!

Our reward for glory on the gridiron is more rain. Our high today won’t top 70 and the sun may not be seen for another couple of days. Oh well.

Have a great morning Longbranch.

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