Seeing the end of this heat wave?

The cool mornings made my commute this morning a bit more bearable, not to mention beautiful.
The sheep at Kaukiki Farm seemed content grazing in the morning mist.

Good morning Longbranch.

I love how our temperatures cool down overnight, giving us he the lovely mist and fog you see in the morning. But the heat will not desert us anytime soon — at least not today. Our high will be 84 degrees with patchy clouds.

This is how Cliff Mass, the weather super geek, explained on his blog Wednesday the heat wave we’re in the midst of:

“The Puget Sound region and much of western Washington are about to be hit by what I will term a “temperature surge” as strong downslope flow over the western slopes of the Cascades causes a rapid warming and drying of the air at low levels.  This is basically the same phenomena associated with the Brookings heat wave earlier this week, Santa Anna conditions in southern CA, and Foehn conditions in Europe.”

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