All Quiet on the Southern Tip of the Key Peninsula

Drayton Passage was a veritable lake early this morning — flat , calm and beautiful.
Our temperatures today may not get as hot as yesterday, but it is still shaping up to be another beautiful day on the Key Peninsula.

Good morning Longbranch.

Maddee the goofy golden doodle and I just got back from a nice quiet walk on the beach along Drayton Passage. And what a sight it was.

It is a balmy 61 degrees but the weather geeks say it will not be as hot today as it was yesterday. Our high will top out at 75 and we may experience a light sprinkling of rain later in the day.

The boats rafting on the mouth of Amsterdam Bay have since left and the flotilla on Filucy Bay have thinned out quite a bit. But the motors of small fishing skiffs could still be heard zipping around the Passage, fishing perhaps or checking crab pots still in the water.

What a wonderful place to live — waking up to singing birds and a spectacular sunrise. Life on the southern tip of this rural peninsula is worth every minute I spend commuting to work each day.

A Drayton Passage sunrise is as beautiful as anything I have ever seen.

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