Longbranch is ‘Dancing in the Summer Rain’

Sheets of fog rolled into Drayton’s Passage early this morning, shrouding boats and masking the glassy water.

Good morning Longbranch.

We woke up to a mid-summer morning shower. Sheets of fog rolled across Drayton’s Passage, masking the glassy water. It is a balmy 62 degrees with more rain in the forecast, according to the weather geeks.

If it looks like autumn out there, it does. I had to go to the weather guru at http://cliffmass.blogspot.com to find out. Here is his take on this weather:

“It often happens the second or third week of August,” Cliff Mass writes. “After weeks of dry, warm weather or perhaps some summertime thunderstorms, that first Pacific frontal system  of the season with substantial clouds and some light precipitation reaches the Northwest coast.”

And it is happening right now.

“It is an inside day,” my lovely bride said. “It is a perfect day to sit and read.”

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