Cool Longbranch mornings warm up to sun-filled afternoons

We had fog and mist shrouding Filucy Bay this morning.
Longbranch Marina visitors are not fretting about the weather. The fog and clouds eventually burn off later in the day.

Good morning Longbranch.

We woke up to fog and low-lying clouds this morning. Again. It was a calm 52 degrees with the air heavy and humid. This is becoming a pattern for our summer mornings.

It got me to thinking: Where’d all this fog come from?

So, I bypassed the weather geeks and went looking for the answer straight from the super geek’s weather blog:

Here is Cliff Mass’ post from Saturday, July 20:

“Day after day we have experienced the same pattern of stratus developing overnight west of the Cascade crest, with clearing during the morning.   But this morning we had “superstratus”:  thicker, slower to burn off, and accompanied by fog and drizzle in some locations.

“The enhanced stratus this morning was associated with stronger onshore flow at low levels, with a deep marine layer capped by a strong inversion.”

Thank you professor. Now we know. It is also refreshing to find an individual equally knowledgeable and passionate about the weather.

“It is fascinating to watch the stratus burn off using high-resolution weather satellite imagery,” Mass wrote. “One thing we learned from the satellite pictures is how stratus and fog burns off:  from the edges.”

On that note, anticipate the next few days to be more of the same — albeit a tad cooler.

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The glassy water of Filucy Bay reflect the calm and serene scene of a Longbranch morning.

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