A morning of tugboats and mallards

A tugboat quietly pushing a load up Drayton’s Passage as mallards fly the opposite direction.


We woke up to an overcast sky this morning. The air was cool, the birds jumpy, and the goofy golden doodle camped out on the deck waiting for the squirrels.

The glassy waters of Drayton’s Passage reflected for a brief moment the sun’s early glow. The hues of gold and blues a beautiful backdrop for Mallards flying across our bank headed for the neighbor’s pond. Tugboats from Olympia slowly made their way north to Tacoma or Seattle.

“I love those tugboats,” my lovely bride said wishfully “I love how they are lit up and how they push instead of pull.”

They are a pretty sight from our deck, I would have to agree. You can just barely hear their big diesel engines humming. We do get a few of the boats cruise past our bank.

Well, be patient with the clouds. We will see blue skies later in the day. It is currently 57 degrees and our high today will reach 73, according to the weather geeks. The next three days will be more of the same, but break out the sunscreen come Sunday as the sun will certainly shine most of the day — with a high of 77 degrees in the forecast.

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